Friday, July 9

Tay-Tay speaks to me...

So, I know it's been awhile since I put anything on here...not super long, but too long for my taste. Anyway, a new funny post is in the works and I will be posting it shortly...'cause I know ALL my avid readers care EVER so much. Anyway, it's going to be a GREAT story.

The purpose of this post is just to briefly give a shout-out to NOT getting married today!! Yay!! Seriously, this is not sarcastic or a cover for the deep deep pain I feel. I'm not opposed to marriage, and I'm not going to rant about what a completely manipulative, cowardly person filled with committment and trust issues who pulled a Chris-Farley-in-Tommy-Boy-with-his-pretty-pet-biscuit my ex is. No, I'm better than that. No really, that was for humorous purposes only. I applaud his cowardice wrapped in a nice "this is the right thing to do" candy-coated shell, because it really was the right thing, for me anyway.

I still think marriage is great, but HOLY CRAP people my age should NOT be getting married. No seriously, all the marriages on Facebook of people I graduated with or who are not even graduated YET, they FA-REAK me out. Maybe they knew who they were much more than I did, but I didn't come into who I really was until after the break-up. And MAN I'm cool. Haha. I mean, I have flaws for sure, but I really like myself. I really hope I don't have to be single to like myself, because what a drag that would be. A vow: whenever my next relationship is (and I'm NOT looking for one in the near future), I will NOT immediately turn into a needy insecure super-bitch. Because I'm not that person, and I don't know what it is about men I get into relationships with that turns me into that psycho.

So, to anyone in an unhappy marriage because you got married too young or you didn't live life as much as you wanted to before you got married or you didn't know what a total bastard your husband was until after you said "I do," I am going to party it up for ALL YA'LL's sake tonight! Two of my best friends are coming out to the Fort to hang out with me, and we are going to have so much fun. Actually, I asked them to come out in case I was really depressed and weepy today, but I woke up relaxed and stress-free, no crying (a small miracle for the woman with tears PERPETUALLY coming out of her face) and wondering how on EARTH a mere 8 months ago I actually thought I would be ready and happy to be ANYONE's wife starting today, let alone HIS wife.

I have way too much to do for myself and by myself before I'm ready to become the sweet, stay-at-home, forget my dreams because his are more important, "dinner's on the table, sweetheart!" wife that my dear BLIND high school and college friends are becoming so easily, like lemmings to the cliff. Again, NOT hating on the institution of marriage, just the choices most of my peers are making.

So, move to Chicago to follow CBFF Christi? I can do that. Italy? hello, gelato! Paris? well, some things are out the question no matter how much freedom you have. But Australia? have you HEARD the men talk? YES PLEASE. Law school? ...meh, why not.

"Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday, but I realized some bigger dreams of mine." Oh Tay-Tay (Swift, that is)...I may not be a multi-award-winning recording artist, but I feel ya. Sing it, girl.

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