Tuesday, February 23

Irony, Musicals, and Cheese

So, my roommate and I tried out for the spring musical at our school. We are doing Radio Gals, which I don't know much about but it's apparently AWESOME. Anyway, the director just sent us both an email saying that he is stewing over us for the SAME PART. P.S. It's the lead role. He said since we are roommates and good friends he figured we would be talking it over and fretting all night, so he's thinking on it still and might call us in to audition again. JUST the two of us. Roommates. Good friends. Irony of ironies. Possibly the most ridiculously sitcomical thing that has EVER happened to me. It's hysterical...but I'm freaking out too. It's OK, because if she gets it I'll be super happy for her because she's really funny and has done a ton of theatre. And if I get it of course I'll be uber-excited for myself. She's really busy, so it would make me sad to see her do a half-hearted job because of all the stuff she's committed to, knowing I could commit more time to it. But she's also fantastic. So whatever. I'm good either way. God's and Mike's hands.
The "Cheese" in the title is just because I was eating cheese and needed three things in the title. Rule of Threes and all that jazz. Update on the cast list sitch later.

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