Saturday, March 20


So, Spring Break is here...and sadly almost gone already. I have only three or four more days. I'm not actually sure how many because my car is in the shop and can't be fixed until Monday MAYBE, Tuesday probably. So that really sucks because I can't miss that much school, I don't want to take my parents' gas guzzling SUV, and I don't want to leave my car here AGAIN and bum a ride off someone going to back to school. They're all bad options.

But some good news: Break was really busy. I got to see two movies with my mom, I got to see a bunch of my friends, my mom bought me some clothes for the summer job yesterday, and I even had a date. Yeah, nothing's going to come of that, but it was fun to have someone actually be interested. You know, like people in the real world would be for a girl like me (har har), but the idiots at Grace are too blind to see it. Actually, on St. Patty's Day I was alone for an hour while I waited for my friends, and I got hit on by two different guys. So that was fun too. Again, real world vs. Grace: Grace, stupid people who don't know how to talk to pretty girls; real world, real men. No brainer as to where I want to be in a month.

In other just-shoot-me news, my ex-fiance and his new slut made it Facebook official. I've just heard so many slutty (Grace-slutty, not actual sleeping around slutty) stories about her that I just laugh and feel bad for him...OK, I don't feel bad because he deserves a really bad rebound for breaking my heart so badly and for being so stupid about getting a new girlfriend that fast. But I would feel bad if I had the capacity to feel bad for him.

OK, enough rant. I promised this blog wouldn't be about that. I did say already that I probably got the summer internship in Fort Wayne, but it's official now!!!! I have a plan for summer. Unfortunately that's not enough for my mother. I hate that. I am so far ahead of most of my senior class colleagues as far as having a job lined up, and that's still not good enough. "What about in the fall?" I don't know!!! That's 5 months away; something will come up by then. I guess she didn't realize I'm going to take a year off school. Or maybe not...I just don't know. I seriously don't want to be off insurance for a whole year, but I don't think I'm going to get everything in on time for law schools; LSAT prep course, LSAT test, applications. Not to mention, where would I live when I get into Cooley? (I say when because it's not hard to get into) I certainly don't want to live at home again, but I'm afraid that all of the money I make this summer will be going toward a new car...poor Connie is on her last leg...wheel. Anyway, she's almost dead. So, no rent money once I come back to MI. And I don't want to get a part-time retail job after having a full-time, well-paying job this summer. I mean, I'll do what I have to, but YUCK.

The other YUCK for which this post is named: It's snowing here. YES, snowing. After 3 days of walking around outside without a coat, SNOW. Yuck.

I forgot to update from the last post: the Pottery wheel-throwing NO LONGER SUCKS!! Some Pottery 2 students were in the lab one night, I asked them for helped, they watched me and gave me pointers. That 6 inch cylinder didn't stand a chance after that. It was OK, but then during class Prof Nieter said that it wasn't due for actually another week, so I decided to try again. I cut the second one in half (we're supposed to) in front of him and he said it was PERFECT and to give myself a perfect score. So I'm pretty stoked about Pottery again. I'm going to go back to Grace and have forgotten it all.

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