Saturday, May 29

Too much grease in a week, a.k.a. Kill me now

I’m trying this fad diet. It’s seriously a phenomenon. Like, everyone is trying it. It doesn’t seem to be working, but fad diets rarely do and why should that stop me from trying it too? It’s really messing with my digestion though. Bad. Like, really bad. Anyway, it’s where you eat fast food every day. That’s it. It’s really easy to follow, but again, my body is really upset with me and the amount of toilet paper used in this house has gone seriously crazy. Remember how I said no more Paint drawings? I lied.

That’s right, they’re not even the same type of graph, nor do they show the same thing, nor do they make much sense. The things to grasp from analyzing these horrible graphs are the following:
1. I use more toilet paper the most people NORMALLY, without eating massive amounts of greasy slop. Not so much in amount per use, but in number of uses daily. I’m so glad you know that now.
2. Eating fast food on consecutive days ends in misery, or preferably, death. Because then at least Roommate could save money by buying less toilet paper.
3. Paint graphs/drawings in general take way too much time, and I should be sleeping, because otherwise I end up publishing graphs explaining how often I poop on the Internet.


  1. a couple things...i miss you...and before i started following you, you were only being followed by devan and a monkey...i say this not to be condescending, but because i find that hilarious...i don't have many more followers than you...we'll just have to get our names out there...and by our names, i mean our boobs...probably more you and hope to see you soon!

  2. I. LOVE. YOU. Your comment about the monkey made me laugh PROBABLY more than my posts made Devan or the monkey laugh. Just saying...I should probably leave comedy to the master (you). But I will forge on. The monkey counts on me.

    ...I don't even know who that is, I was just happy for two followers.

    I miss you too. Please come visit me or I shall have to visit you again, which works too. Gotta have a girl's night with the boys!!